Charleston Youth Volunteer Coalition

Charleston Youth Volunteer Coalition


Membership is open to any Charleston High School student, grades 9-12, who wish to gain on-the-job experience and leadership skills while accruing community service hours.

As a member you will have first access to volunteer opportunities at numerous Charleston community events throughout the year.



How do you join?

Complete the Charleston Youth Volunteer Coalition application packet and pay your $10 registration fee.

What does the $10 registration fee cover?

This fee covers your coalition member t-shirt (which is to be worn while you work at events) and helps with administrative costs associated with logging and tracking member’s community service hours.

What type of events and projects will we work?

Things like kids’ art camp to community festivals to park beautification projects and everything in between! If there is something going on in the Charleston community, we will be there.

How many community service hours can be earned?

As many as you want to earn! The best part is, you will be given a super simple way of logging hours worked and then your Coalition Sponsor can provide you with a report of total hours whenever you need it.

How are members notified of volunteer opportunities?

Each member will be added to a group messaging system where announcements about upcoming volunteer opportunities will be made. This same system will be used for members to sign up and commit to volunteer opportunities. Also, every couple of months the Coalition will hold a meeting where upcoming projects will be discussed.

How long is my membership good for?

Membership will renew every summer in May. Each May you will submit a new application, waiver and registration fee. Your community service hours will continue to accrue for as long as you are a member.


Charleston Youth Volunteer Coalition application packet

If you have any other questions about the Charleston Youth Volunteer Coalition please email volunteer@aboutcharleston.com


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