Charleston Sanitation & Recycling

Trash Collection Schedule



East of 217 & North of 22


West of 217 & North of 22


South of 22 & Cedar Knoll


Charleston Recycling Center


The Recycling Center located on Guy Fenter Drive off of South School Street opened in August 2005. Items currently being accepted include cardboard, paper, as well as plastic bottles and aluminum and tin cans. Please rinse out and flatten your aluminum and tin cans. Please remove lids from plastic bottles, rinse them and flatten them. Please remove any plastic cards from junk mail.  Corrugated boxes and other cardboard should be flattened.  Boxes can also be nested for recycling.


The Recycling Center was paid for in part by a series of grants from the Recycling Branch of the Solid Waste Management Division of ADEQ.


Citywide Cleanups


The City has set up an area near the Recycling Center that will be open the first Saturday of the month from 8:00am to 12:00 noon.


Area residents will be able to drop off any Class 4 waste. One container will be for metal and the other will be for non-metal. Please no household or hazardous waste in either container.


There will be a fee for this service is $20 for a pickup load and $30 for a trailer load. Fees for larger loads will be determined on site.